Nov 12th, 2019 Disney + was released and is now one of the most popular streaming networks out there. Disney + is now becoming more popular than Netflix. Disney + is cheaper than Netflix and if you want Hulu you can get a deal where its only $12.99 a month and that includes Hulu, Disney +, and ESPN. Netflix doesn’t come with any other deals, it’s just $10.99-$12.99 a month. But, for just Disney +, it is only $6.99 a month. Disney + has most of the old Disney movies and TV shows that you watched during your childhood that bring back childhood memories. It also has new series and movies that you can watch now. Pretty much any old Disney movie you can think of Disney + will have it. Not all younger kids are loving Disney + it is also the older teens too because now they can watch the shows they grew up watching every day. 



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