Phones are our most used piece of technology in everyday life. They are used to keep families and friends talking even when they are far away, it’s become a bank, a planner, an entertainment center, a place to order food and to shop, and even at times a doctor. About  81% of Americans own a smartphone, and rely on that smartphone for day to day use. These small devices help so many people everyday so why are we trying to stop our students from using something they will need their whole lives. 

Schools often talk about giving students useful tools that will help them in the future, when realistically we all know they forget it the day after the test. Something useful would be teaching students how to effectively use technology like phones, and tablets. These are things everyone actually uses in everyday life, the sad truth is I can always find the answer online. So teach me an easy and efficient way to get to the answers I need. 

Phones have replaced so many things, and as technology and the world continues forward schools need to adjust to benefit the next generation. Kids today do not need their phones taken. They need to be taught how to use the technology in a beneficial way.



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