Bad Boys for Life picks up from the previous movie Bad Boys 2. I would rate this movie a 9/10 must see if you like the other Bad Boys movies. The movie has 77% on Rotten Tomatoes. Will Smith reprises his role as Mike Lowrey and Martin Lawrence returning as Marcus Burnett. “Bad Boys For Life” is the third film of a franchise that we didn’t know we wanted but certainly needed. The film focuses on detectives Lowrey and Burnett as they reflect on their many years on the Miami Police Department. Burtnett is contemplating retirement and Lowrey’s focus is continuing to live his life doing what he does best, fighting crime. As they look to go their separate ways, a crime wave hits Miami that put their fellow officers lives on the line. They both must make the hard choice to continue a partnership that Lowrey believes is strong enough to withstand what lies ahead. However, Burnett understands that he is aging and personal responsibilities cause him to reflect on what is important. As their fellow officers lives, including their own, are put in clear and present danger, decisions must be made.  The directors of the movie are Bilall Fallah, Adil El Arbi

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