Right now I am watching a show called “Black Lightning” with my brother-in-law. It’s about a father with two daughters and he’s also the principal of a high school that’s a safe haven for teenagers in a New Orleans neighborhood that is overrun with gang violence. His name is Jefferson Pierce(Cress Wiliams) and he’s a hero in his community even when he lost his powers 9 years ago. He regained his powers from overworking himself and after a few months later his daughter Anissa(Nafessa Williams) noticed she had powers too, and then so did his daughter Jennifer(China Anne McClain). At a very young age, Jeff lost his father to a drug lord named Tobias Whale(Krondon) so while growing up his “uncle” Gambi(James Remar) took him in under his wing.

I really like the show so far and will be finishing it very soon in the next few days. I love the role that Jefferson plays while taking all the kids at his school under his wing and always for looking out for them. In the show, this drug goes around called “green light’ and some of his students start doing it and he tries his absolute best at taking care of them. There are so many things I like about the show but it’s so hard to name them all. For my dislikes of the show is that it’s sometimes too fast and hard to understand what’s going on, so I wish they would slow down the plot in some of the episodes. Overall I would give this show a 10/10 since I only really have one dislike. I totally recommend this show to anyone who likes “superhero” shows, and for anyone who likes shows kind of like “The Flash” and “Arrow.

On Rotten Tomatoes, there are different ratings for each season. For season one; rating is 96% and one of the top critics Verne Gay of Newsday said: “It’s that real-world sizzle that gives this newcomer its snap, crackle and pop.” For season two; rating is 91% and one of the top critics Christian Holub of Entertainment Weekly said: “Black Lightning’s parallels to real-life American suffering is one of the things I enjoyed most about season 1, and I’m glad it’s set to continue this season.” For season three; rating is 100% and one of the top critics Kyle Fowle of AV Club  said: “The first episode of the third season is just as politically charged as previous episodes, but this time around things feel more relevant, more attuned to this specific time and place.”



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