After being at school for almost a full five weeks, there was a lot to catch up on with our school’s Student Council. The council has numerous ideas for this year’s Homecoming, following the COVID-19 guidelines. On Oct. 9th, we kickoffed the Homecoming shenanigans with a colorful blue and gold day, then an announcement for our class representative’s and Senior Homecoming Court. The week of Oct. 12th-16th, we will be starting off the week on Monday, with dressing as your favorite movie character and Tuesday, with dressing as a superhero, following the Hollywood theme. Wednesday will still be a virtual day, but that night we still get to enjoy Powderpuff, this year with all highschool girls. Thursday is class color day, followed by a new spirit day, Formal Friday, where you dress up in your homecoming apparel. 

Rian Kirby, new to the high school Student Council talked a little about the upcoming Homecoming plans and the experience she’s had on the council so far. One question asked was about how she liked being on the Student Council this year. She answered saying, “I like student council a lot this year, it’s a lot different this year than last year because now it’s high school and because of all the stuff happening with Covid, but it’s been pretty good so far.” The next question was about the planning for Homecoming and how that was going. She answered that it was a little bit stressful because a big event such as homecoming was hard to do in such little time, but things are getting done pretty quickly and that she was impressed by the amount of planning they have gotten done. 

The third question was, “How is it working with your peers?” She answered very positively with, “Everyone on the Student Council works really well together so far. The upperclassmen are super inclusive and we all work together pretty good.” For the fourth question, Kirby was asked if the Student Council had things they wanted to plan for HOCO and how that was going. She answered that they had tons of ideas, though it was a little rushed but everyone was working hard, together to pull something amazing off. She also added that the events should be exciting even though they are going to be a little different from years before, due to the COVID guidelines.

For the last question, she was asked, “What’s your favorite part about being on the council?” She replied with, “I like seeing everyone’s ideas coming together and then executing them to make something that the whole school can enjoy!” 



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