On Oct,8th the CW’s TV show The 100 aired on Netflix this show does a good job of showing how the characters had to fight against what they believed to help out humanity. 

The 100 is about earth getting bombed during WW3 and having to live in space.  When 100 criminals are sent back to earth to see if it’s survivable there are many challenges.  “The Last War” reached an unexpected conclusion in Wednesday’s series finale of The 100, which put the entire human race what’s left of it, anyway on trial. With the code in their possession,  Cadogan prepares to take the ultimate test, facing a “Judge” who is one of the primes.  He might have stood a chance until Clarke came in and shot him in the back.  With Cadogan gone Clarke steps up to finish the test, facing her own judge Lexa (season 3), the girl formerly known as Wanheada fails, dooming all of humanity. 

Rotten Tomatoes have rated this new season of The 100 a 4 out 5.  

The creator of the whole series is Jason Rothenburg, he based the series off the book, “The 100” by Kass Morgan.  

The Executive Producers are Bharat Nalluri, Gina Girolamo,Jason Rothenburg, Leslie Morgenstein, and Matt Miller



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