On Tuesday Oct. 20th, Bailey Mayview and Noah Fahey held their student-led protest. But it wasn’t as good as a turn out for May View as she expected. Fahey planned on holding a protest against the protestors the same time Bailey planned on doing it, but Noah came to a conclusion that the best way to support the teachers was to stay in class on Tuesday. Noah had cider and donuts Tuesday morning at 7 a.m. to celebrate the teachers appreciation. All of the teachers and staff members wore shirts on Tuesday saying “Heroes work here”. There are still signs outside of the school by the student parking lot reading the same thing, “Heroes work here.” Bailey, on the other-hand , still had her protest. She stated to ABC 12 News in earlier days that she was expecting at least 20 to 30 people to attend this protest, but on the day of the protest she only had as high as 10 people there at once. Whether Bailey was trying to make this a big protest or a protest just to get her point across. She didn’t have as many people as she expected at the protest and the teachers haven’t cut the workload. 

Bailey Mayview and her mother sat outside of the school in the bus parking lot from 7:45 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. to protest against all of the teachers and staff at Ovid Elsie HighSchool because of their failure rates in the district. The point Bailey wanted to get across to the school district was the fact that teachers at the high School are giving away too big of a workload and don’t help teach them, which leads to virtual students Googling answers to their assignments. Bailey stated to ABC 12 News that some days it takes her up to 12 hours a day trying to find out the right answers. 

Fahey, on the other hand, did not agree with Bailey. Fahey as well as his fellow in person classmates believed that the teachers were working as hard as they could to try and make it as simple as they can for the virtual students. They also believed that the virtual students all had a choice whether they wanted to come to school in person or stay virtual. In this regard Fahey decided that the best way to support the teachers was to stay in class and provide the teachers with cider and donuts to show that they are appreciated. 

All in all, both of the protest organizers feel like they did the right thing and both tried getting their point across. Even though it wasn’t a great turnout for Bailey, she still feels like she did the right thing. The only exception to that is the teachers haven’t cut the workload because they feel as if their workload isn’t that much, or hard and the virtual students are doing it to themselves by not doing their work. 



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