When working on a drawing, many think of using pencils, paints, markers, etc. for traditional artwork. Those who have been drawing for years may even want to step up a level and move into a more sophisticated area of drawing known as digital art. When producing digital artwork, there are hundreds of art programs that one can add to their electronic of choice to use as their canvas. Digital art provides every color at the users’ hands without having to mix or blend two or more pencils, markers, or paints. Unlike traditional art, digital art programs include undo and redo buttons so there is a way to undo a mistake. Traditional art has some pros that digital art does not, such as the feeling of creating something that is on paper or canvas and it does not strain your eyes as much as an electronic device will.

Digital art gives you the colors that you need so that you do not have the hassle of making sure you have the right color every time and/or have the right amount. This can be a struggle for traditional artists as they may not have the chance to continue their unfinished artwork whereas digital artists are able to finish their artwork as they have every color option they could ever want. In digital art programs, there are also filters that can be put on top of a piece of artwork to change its opacity, saturation, hue, and brightness. I use my computer with a regular drawing tablet and pen when working on my drawings. The program I use to draw in is MediBang Paint Pro, available on computer or tablet/phone, which is a great alternative to PainTool SAI for those looking for a free drawing program. I upload my drawings almost every month onto the social media website Tumblr, however, I mostly draw sketches and put them into a folder of which I do not post. Even though I still enjoy traditional art, I much more prefer digital art because of the qualities that it gives me for my artwork. It is always a nightmare blending colors together because I never know which colors will work together and will give me the correct color that I want.  




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