This week Katelyn Swender, a sophomore in Student Council, reported back on how the Student Council has been doing. 

Swender said that they made posters earlier in the week for the kids and staff returning to the school and she wasn’t sure on how the council was planning the meetings once everyone returned to school. 

She was then asked,”What has been the hardest thing for the council this year?” Swender responded saying, “I think one of the hardest things for Student Council was to try to think of ideas with fun activities for students to do, while there is a pandemic, and trying to include everybody, even if you are a virtual student.”

Asked how the year has affected her, Swender answered with,”This year has affected me in a significant way, mostly because I am not allowed to go anywhere or see anyone. I think it’s affected the Council in a way that has everybody confused because usually throughout the school year we know just what to do and we have so many things that happen. But due to the virus we have tried to scramble and bring ideas that will get everybody participating, but in a safe way.” 



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