Brian Powell is the principal of Ovid-Elsie Middle school.

Before becoming a principal he was a teacher in the classroom for 18 years. He was the dean of students for one year and has been building principal for two years now.

He said, “I became a principal after many years as a classroom teacher because I wanted to take on a larger role in creating a positive learning environment where all students are valued and able to flourish academically in a way that promotes individual student growth.” He went into administration because he wanted to take on a more active leadership role in supporting teachers and create a more positive environment for students.

His favorite part about being a principal is hearing and seeing the positive impact that teachers have on their students by promoting living their lives in a way that has empathy for others. He says he also enjoys working with different students with discipline issues, taking responsibility for their actions and having an increased sense of self worth and value in their life.

Some of his goals for the school this year is helping staff and students have the most effective and safest learning environment while staying connected while many people are feeling disconnected during the pandemic. To reach his goals the middle school has h been having to use many safety measures. He says, “I have also taken a very focused approach to being a liaison between teachers, students, and families.  All of these groups have a vested interest and my role is to help these stakeholders meet their shared goal as it relates to student success.”

He loves working at O-E because it is a very close community of professionals dedicated to partnering with families to help students reach their full potential.

He would describe his leadership style as “that of a servant leader” because he always prioritizes the teachers and empowers them to strive for an optimal learning environment focusing on growth and the future of the students.

He would also like to add, “I believe that our students are truly our most valuable asset.  As administrators, we are defined by our students.  We share in both their successes and their struggles. All that we do is in service of students.  They are our greatest investment and ultimately will determine our legacy as instructional leaders.”



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