The Ovid-Elsie boys varsity basketball team is preparing for their 2021 season that has
been delayed and interrupted due to COVID 19. They’re season began with tryouts on January
23rd, and will play their first game Tuesday, February 9th. They are expecting to have a very
successful season, but will have to battle some tough competition. The returning seniors on the
team are captains Jackson Thornton and Calen Byrnes, as well as Keigan Ormes, and Carson
Gregory. After talking to a few of the players, they said that they are excited to finally be able to
play the basketball games that they have been working and preparing for since January. Coach
Latz, along with assistant coaches Austen Jones and Mike Loynes are also excited to finally be
able to see they’re team play and see they’re hard work pay off. This season will be different
than most due to Covid restrictions and regulations, but the team and the community are all
ready to finally be on the court and play basketball.



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