OE Art Department will be upgrading its ceramic kilns, thanks to a grant obtained by Art Teacher Kerri Shadbolt. Shadbolt joined the Ovid Elsie staff in spring of 2020 and has really helped students teaching them many new things. She also saw some needs in the art department.

About two months ago she applied and got approved for a foundation grant for $4,000. The old kiln sadly is coming to the end and the bricks inside can’t handle the amount of heat anymore, along with the lid starting to crack. 

Shadbolt stated that her plans are to, “give the students a better opportunity of playing with clay and also introduce glass fusion. It would really help expand the exposure to the students and make it so these projects are done in other classes other than ceramics and 3-D art.”

Although it took a lot, she is very thankful for the community coming together to help benefit the students here at Ovid Elsie and is hoping to have the purchase order done by spring break and have it installed by the end of the school year. 



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