You the reader might have participated in a tournament of some sorts. Maybe you’ve ever won a tournament. But this Saturday is the start of the Science Olympiad tournament. where And let me tell you, that the miraculous Ovid Elsie High School team of four has a lot to prepare for on Saturday. For instance two of the brave members have tests to do on the day of the competition so they have to print out multiple sheets of study papers and retain all of the information in them, just to get to equal level with all of the other players. The two other members have even less time, they have to test their build project and record their project in action all on the day before the event actually happens. So all we have to say about this team of four is good luck.

Anatomy & Phisiology3:30 PM
Astronomy3:30 PM
Code Busters2:00 PM
Gravity VehicleN/A

(Science Olympiad event list and time)



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