In Residential Building Trades we have made great progress in building our pole barn models. We are roughly two days out from finishing the model. After we finish our pole barn models we have plans to get on a job site and build a 20×24 pole barn. When we go to build this pole barn we will be a part of the construction crew that is there building it. However we will not get paid with money we will be paid with the experience of building the pole barn. 

This year we have had many setbacks, at the start of the year we had plans to build hunting blinds, however, due to COVID 19, the price of wood has risen significantly. With this rise in prices we were not able to get people to buy the hunting blinds because they were about three times more than what you would usually pay. 

However, even with  all of the setbacks instructor Mr. Ben Smith is working very hard and we are planning and getting to work on a real job site within a couple of weeks. In our class we have nine very hard working people. 



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