Freshmen Find School Spirit in Homecoming Festivities

Freshmen Find School Spirit in Homecoming Festivities

Lilian Bates, Staff writer

Being new to the high school, the freshmen are also new to all the homecoming week activities, and in this survey, they share about it. This year the theme for the classes is holidays, and the freshmen were given Valentine’s Day. With this, they had to decorate their hallway and float accordingly. Eleven of 15 female freshman students agreed that hallway decorating was a success, while four students disagreed. 

Another new activity for these students is the homecoming dance. One hundred percent of the students replied that they are attending the dance this Saturday, Oct. 1. The ladies were then asked what their favorite store to shop for homecoming dresses is. Windsor is the most popular with 11 votes, followed by shopping online with three votes, and Macy’s with just one.

Also new to the freshmen is voting for Homecoming king and queen. When surveyed about who they planned to vote for, the results are quite lopsided. For the king, Justin Cole earned nine votes, Braxton Stenger and Breckin Kirby tied with two votes each, Austin Darling and Kevin Ley each had one vote, and Colin Veith had none. For the queen, Hannah Moore takes the lead with nine votes, followed closely by Alexis Spitzley with four votes. With two votes, Olivia Burt.  Although these aren’t the final results, this gives insight into how freshmen are voting this year.

Lastly, the freshmen are new to spirit week and the big football game on Friday. When asked how often they are going to dress according to spirit week, 14 students said they were going to dress all week long, and one student replied they were going to dress for three-four days. It seems the freshmen have high hopes for the homecoming game against Chesaning because eight responded that we have a great chance at winning. This was followed by four students who have no doubt in their minds that we will win, and three students who say we have a 50/50 chance of winning this year’s game.