Varsity Football Ends Playoff Run Against Lansing

Austin Darling, Staff writer

The Ovid-Elsie Marauders finish their season with a 0-20 loss to the Lansing Catholic Panthers.
This game was the District Finals hosted by the Marauders and would determine who would be
District Champions.
The Marauders would struggle offensively, ending up without a score. Defensively, the
Marauders would hold the Cougars to scoreless in the second half if you disregard a quick
touchdown after the half. Defensive leaders would include Landon Stoneman, Clay Wittenberg,
and Perrien Rasch. They would have a combined twenty tackles and an interception.
While this concludes the season for Ovid-Elsie, the message has been made clear. Year in and
year out, the Marauders are often disregarded as a team who cannot compete. Through injury and
illness, Ovid-Elsie managed to turn their 1-2 season into an 8-3 finish. Look for more to come
from the Marauders in the years and other sports seasons to come.