Baby J Rehab Bio Not So Funny

Rubie Sanford, Staff writer

John Mulaney returned to Netflix this month with Baby J to recount his last few years of drug recovery. 

  John Mulaney performs at Boston’s Symphony Hall to joke about his intervention, time in rehab, and absurd things he’s done to get money for drugs. His intervention was disguised as a dinner date with a friend from college, which he was two hours late to. The intervention was full of other comedians to share their experience and tell Mulaney they were worried about his behavior. They told him they were sending him to rehab. Mulaney said he was very defensive and vehemently refused to go to rehab. He was forced to go and had a rough few nights while getting the drugs flushed from his system. Mulaney tells stories from inside the facility, as well as stories from before his recovery. 

John Mulaney tells stories in an entertaining and humorous way. However, I would say his past comedy specials are much better than this one. It isn’t the topic that makes me say this, he just simply isn’t as funny in this special as he is in the past. 

The production value of the special is very pleasant to look at. The venue and color scheme is beautiful.

I would rate John Mulaney’s Baby J 2.5 stars out of 5. I expected more out of the special but still enjoyed the storytelling.