After School Jobs

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After School Jobs

What is it like to have after school jobs? I decided to interview two students. Their names are Makenna Vincent and Mariel Martin. They both have after school jobs. They were also both willing to answer questions I had for them.

A junior named Makenna Vincent was interviewed first about her after school job. I asked her where do you work? Makenna said McDonalds in St. Johns. She said she decided to work there when she turned 16 and got a car. I asked how much do you work? She answered two to three days a week. I said how much do you get paid? Makenna answered “I receive minimum wage.” I also said how do you manage your time with work and school work? Makenna said “during my breaks at work I cram in getting some of my homework done so when I get home late, I can just go home and get ready for bed.” The last question I asked her was, what inspired you to get a job? Makenna replied, “when I turned 16, I got a car and I didn’t want my parents paying for all of my gas, so I got a job so I could pay for it.” Those were all the questions I had asked Makenna and she was very willing to answer them for me.

Secondly, a senior named Mariel Martin was interviewed about her after school job. When I interviewed Mariel I first asked where do you work? Mariel answered “Blue Moon.” Why did she decide to work there? Mariel said that her sister had worked there for six years before she got hired, so she already knew the owners and had been talking to them about working there prior to starting. Mariel’s first year there was also her sister’s last, so she was sort of a replacement for her. How many hours does she work? Mariel replied “In the summer I work more often because I don’t have school, so then I usually work around 30 hours. During school I work around 20. Usually though us girls who are still in high school are able to get Friday nights off to go to the football games.” I also asked how much do you get paid? Mariel said she makes around $8/hour plus tips, which are split every time there’s a shift change. How does Mariel manage her time with work and school work? Honestly, some nights it just comes down to staying up late for her to get her homework done. She also said “it’s not the first choice obviously, but on my days off I usually try and catch up and try to understand things that I may have rushed through on the nights I had to work.” The final question I asked her was, what inspired you to get a job? Mariel answered, “getting paid was a big factor, I knew being the last kid in my family that I would have to pay for my own car. So I first saved up for that, and after I bought my car I then had to pay for gas. A lot of it is saved, but I spend some of it occasionally on clothes or whatever I want.” Those are the questions I asked Mariel Martin and she gladly answered me with great responses.

This was about students with after school jobs that are in high school. I interviewed two great students. They both answered to their fullest on the questions I asked them. They both enjoyed having a job to be able to pay for their car’s gas. They gave fabulous answers about their jobs.