My Favorite Essay by Rowan Holman

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Rock and roll isn’t quite the same as it used to be. No longer are the artists out and about partying, thinking only of the outfit for the next show. Nor are they telling people that their music is the best and if they think otherwise, they’re wrong.


Artists have become more serious and have learned to accept that others will not like their music, and that the fans are who support them, so treat them nice. By far, out of the range of artists to choose from, Juliet Simms is my favorite. Why is she my favorite? Because she has dedication for what she does and supports her fans as much as she supports them.


My love for Juliet Simms began as simply as it would for any teen girl. I was going through Youtube, searching up my favorite band, when a video popped up. The lead singer to my favorite band and his girlfriend. It was a recording of a live video chat performance on ‘stageit’. My curiosity won me over and I watched it. As I watched, the songs really seemed to get at me, and Juliet, who was the one performing, was very talkative to her fans who were sending messages of their thoughts and opinions, telling her how they loved her voice, etc, etc. She was very funny, too, and her optimistic attitude seemed to do it for me. I instantly (after finishing the video, of course.) began looking up more of Juliet Simms music. I fell in love with the song Wild Child, and since then, she seems to be my go to for pick me ups, her videos to her fans always giving positive advice and telling fans not to give up, creating a real connection between artist and fans.


Furthermore, my love for Juliet Simms and her music grew when I realized that, as a teenaged girl, I could look to her songs for specific moods and content that did, in fact, pertain to my situation at the current time. Whether I was going through typical teenage­heartbreak, or if I was filled with teen angst and believed the world was purposefully putting blocks in my way. It seemed that there was a song for each and every moment. The one song that has always clicked with me is Wild Child. As I am apparently, and helplessly, ‘unstable’ and most definitely unpredictable in my own moments, the song Juliet wrote very much explained the feelings I had at those moments. Juliet’s relatable content makes me feel as though I’m not alone and in fact, not?a freak. After all, of all the things that role of a teen girl’s shoulder, being called a freak may not be one. It feels great to know that there are other fans out there that feel the same, and that, even my role model, too has felt these feelings.


I think the most of all reason that Juliet is my favorite artist and my role model is that, after all she’s been through, she still persists. Her hard work and dedication really make the ‘Ideal Role Model’ list. Juliet started her career in 2003, and is still around now, in the oncoming 2016, and she’s only getting bigger. In 2003, Juliet was only in her teens, and was in a band called Automatic Loveletter. Automatic Loveletter really set it off in 2005 and they ended in 2012 when Juliet joined The Voice to further her career. Post joining The Voice, Juliet Simms’s band, which included her and her brother, Tommy Simms, they were signed on to, and then dropped by many record companies. Juliet Simms’s persistence then earned her place on The Voice, and was only runner up. Now she’s got out an EP, and goes to Warped Tour every year.


Juliet Simms is my favorite artist. With hard work, dedication, a connection with her fans and relatable content, she makes it hard to not be a favorite. Juliet is a focused and amazing person, less worried about an outfit, and more worried about her fans. All these reasons are why Juliet Simms is my favorite artist.