The Fall of Radio


Staff and Staff

Radio student Emma Fatura working hard in her radio class. | Photo by Summer Evans.

Radio has been a classic form of entertainment since it was introduced, but internet radio such as Spotify and Pandora may spell its downfall.

“About an hour a day,” is how often freshman Jordan Nethaway listens to the internet radio service Pandora. Pandora provides personalized “stations” that play music that it thinks you would like, with occasional visual and audio ads.

“Every morning in conference period, Teacher Lonnie Harger says, in reference to how often he listens to Pandora.

Harger also notes that he listens to regular AM/FM radio in the car during his drive to work.

AM/FM radio is not something that Nethaway listens to normally, however.

“YouTube and pandora a lot,” is how regularly freshman Emily Nierecher says she listens to the respective services, while also listening to regular radio on the way to school.

If internet radio was not available I would listen to normal rado more, states Nethaway.