Business Class New Online Store.


Staff and Staff

The business classes have recently opened a new online store. The store is run by business teacher Bonnie Ott, and her students.
The store sells a variety of clothing items such as quarter zip sweatshirts, fleece shirts, hoodies, zip up hoodies, stocking hats, sweatpants, and much more. Everything purchased from the store has the OE logo on it.
When asked about how the products are ordered, Bonnie answered, “The students and I pick and choose from a very large catalogue what stuff we want to have in our store. We can get stuff ranging from under armor products to Gildan sweatshirts.”
An online store has been a thing the business department has been wanting to do for years now. “We have always had an interest as the students to start a school store, but I would give a lot of the credit to Mrs. Ott.” said senior Sam Sherwood
The store was designed to make OE apparel easy to purchase, and the students to be able to run the store. “We want students to have the opportunity to learn how to conduct online sales. The way they do it makes it very easy for a custom to be ordering OE merchandise in just three clicks.”
Everything on the website is priced very reasonably. “The company we go through makes it very easy to get clothing at reasonable prices.” said Sam
However, the online store isn’t the only place you can go to to purchase OE apparel. “We have a lot of people in the community that that sell OE apparel and we are in no way trying to compete with them.” Said Bonnie
The online store is intended to stay open as long as possible. “I just think that the fact that the store is run by actual students and not a big corporation is great. The environment we’ve created is very fun and welcoming.” Said Sam