Girls Lacrosse

Staff and Staff

The lacrosse season is coming this spring and there are high school lacrosse player that are ready to get started.The lacrosse girls talk about what lacrosse is like and how they prepare for the games along with other aspects of the lacrosse season.


Nadia Dysinger is a freshman who is going on her third year of lacrosse and she plans to continue on playing throughout high school.


“The games are exciting and nerve racking, aggressive, and intense, Says Dysinger.


Nadia explains that her favorite part about lacrosse is being part of the team that they are great to be around. On the other side her least favorite part of the sport are the refs.


Sydney Ordiway is a freshman that is also going on her third year of lacrosse. She also plans on playing lacrosse throughout the rest of high school.


Sydney describes the new uniforms they are going to get along with last years uniforms.


“Since it was not a school sport we had yellow jerseys and a pair of shorts”, Said Ordiway.


This year the lacrosse team will get new uniforms that include skirts with shorts underneath, new shirts or tank tops, mouth guards, and safety goggles.


All together the team is made up of 20 girls. Both Nadia and Sydney describe the lacrosse team as another family and are ready for the lacrosse season to get here.