Keep your Eyes and Ears on the Road


Staff and Staff

Texting and driving is one of the biggest causes of accidents today. Put teenagers in the mix and you’ve just created a disaster. No parent wants to get a phone call saying something bad happened to their child. Strive to Arrive Alive opened a lot of teens eyes on the risks this year.

Going into this event, I said if I could change one persons mind, that would be enough, However, I think we were able to touch a lot of people,” senior Sarah Sopocy said. “Many students came up to me and said how they were going to drive much safer and not use their phones anymore.”

The helpers who had put it on put a lot of time into this event. They had started planning in November and then everything took place in March.

“For being the person to record and edit it, the video did take some time to create but was definitely worth it,” senior Natalie DeLong said. “I learned the impact driving recklessly could have on one’s life.”

Everyone who took part in creating the video realized just how important it is to not be a distracted driver.

“Driving is something we all do on a daily basis, not realizing how dangerous it really is,” DeLong said. “Driving safely is very important for the driver, passengers, and peers.”