One Last Spring Break, Make it Count



Just like that, spring break came and went, which means the school year is almost over once again. Like every year, a lot of students went to different places for the week, whereas others stayed home. Quite a few of the students even went to Alabama and anywhere south of Michigan.

“This year I went to South Carolina for the first time, and we went to escape rooms in the beach, I’d definitely go back,” senior Addison Sickles said’ “I went with my best friends Kira and Emily.”

Sickles seemed to have great time traveling, whereas some stayed home and made the most of their time with family

“I hung out with my grandma and stayed home this year,” senior Brenna Rambo said, “I also went to the mall.”

With so little time to actually celebrate spring break, there is only so much a person can accomplish in that one week. There are some downfalls to this. For those that headed down to other states, they had to be stuck in a car or on a plane for several hours to days, cutting time out of them having fun. But when they got to their destination, it was a free for all.
Most of the students could probably agree that even though they might have not gone somewhere, it was definitely good to get away from school and finally get a break.