Band Festival



The band members are getting ready for the 2017, 58th Annual Marching band Festival in Owosso. For some students, this is their first time participating in this event while others have done this for a couple years.

The members are quite excited about the band festival, but are also a little unsure on if they are ready or not.

“We have some sets that we need to work on,” freshman Mitchell Dysinger said.

While many agree with Dysinger, there are others who feel pretty good about their show and formations.

“I feel pretty confident,” freshman Brooke Ladiski said. “Some things still need some work, but there are other things that are quite solid.”

The band members will be spending time working on these segments. The high school is hoping that the outcome of these practices will be positive.

There are three segments involved in band fest. One segment is marching, the second is in concert, and the third is in overall general effect. The marching segment of the festival will be held at the Trojan’s field.

“Bandfest happens in Owosso because they have higher stands so that the judges can watch our formations,” Ladiski said.

The members do admit that this festival can cause a little bit of stress, but they thoroughly enjoy it.

“It’s a very busy time, but it is definitely a fun event,” junior Ruby Saul said.