Corporate Services Preps Soy Candles



Ovid-Elsie corporate services classes are gearing up to launch their annual business. This year, as many in the past, the students have decided to produce soy candles as their main product. In the past, they’ve sold other items such as wax melts and T-shirts, however, since 2002 the biggest seller has undoubtedly been candles as sales begin just before the holiday season making it a hit for the students to vote on.

Students are given the opportunity to buy stock within Cornfield Candle Company and collect sponsorship from local businesses to help kick start the business each year.

Business Department Teacher Bonnie Ott helps students as they break into groups during both fourth and seventh hour to manufacture the soy candles from the raw materials they buy. As they do this over the coming weeks the halls of Ovid-Elsie High School fill with fragrances students have chosen this year.

Senior James Lorencz said Wednesday, Sept. 26th,  “It’s unlike a normal fundraiser that a school would have,” going on to explain “(Cornfield Candle Co.) really gives the kids the initiative to sell product” since they’re able to keep their own revenue off the products they are producing and selling.

“It’s really great that she is doing this for the kids.” Lorencz said, thanking Ott for the years of dedication to the school to give the students a hands-on opportunity to run their own business. This year the students are looking to produce an initial 1,200 candles. Branching out to their friends and family they may create more product throughout the holiday season.