Seniors Study College Opportunities



Ovid-Elsie High School seniors met with their counselor, Jessica Gleeson, on Wednesday, Oct. 10, to discuss future plans. As many students still are in search for the “perfect” college for themselves, she advised them to search in their packets she handed out for various resources to help them along their path, both before and after graduation.

In an effort of encouraging seniors to take advantage of all of the free money they could get, Gleeson pointed out different scholarship websites, academic scholarship deadlines for different colleges and even helped students apply for Financial Aid and the Tuition Incentive Program.

With the knowledge of the hectic search many students go through while looking for which colleges to apply to and which ones they may find right for them, she advised them to consider some of these factors while applying: size, location, extracurricular activities, campus atmosphere,  and tuition.

“I’m always a resource for college information” Gleeson repeatedly announced during the meeting. Encouraging students to visit different colleges before making their final decision, she also mentioned that students are eligible to take days off to visit their top college choices.