Fortnite May Go the Route of Minecraft

Fortnite May Go the Route of Minecraft


          Fortnite, created by Epic Games, is a multi-platform PvP game, appealing to a widespread variety of gamers across the globe. It is played in solos, duos, and squads, but can also be played in a 50v50 matchup. It has somewhat-realistic looking characters, which venture around the map to find guns, launchers, explosives, and protection when facing other players. The map closes down in a varying circle called the storm, which if stuck in it, will damage you over time. There are many things that I like about this game, yet I do have some things that I dislike.

           Nothing against the creators of the game, but I feel like they do a better job animating characters on their season release trailers then they do in the real deal. This can be found in the Season 6 trailer, in which there are expressions of worry and confusion on the characters faces, but you do not see any of this during the gameplay. The closest you can get is an emote, which can be used to roughly distinguish emotions, but is still not as good as automatic emotes on characters faces when different things occur.

          Another thing that I do not like is the unrealistic damage done by shotguns. One shot, you may be point blank and do three damage with a blue pump shotgun, and the next, someone else shoots you from extremely far away with a common tactical shotgun, and headshot you for 175 damage, which, if you have full shield, is leaving you with 25 HP.

            I’m not all against Fortnite, though. I do like the fact that there are hundreds of different options of things to carry in your inventory, which allows diversity to flow over the game. There isn’t just one set that people use in the game, you can choose what works for you, and you can get good at many things, not just one type of gun.

             Something else that I like about Fortnite is that it is constantly updating, whether that be transforming different landscapes across the map, adding new guns, or giving new game modes for eager gamers to explore. It really keeps me into the game. If they didn’t update, I don’t know how popular Fortnite would be, if at all.

             So we have Fortnite. The master, ruler, and arguably most popular of all games out there. I believe it’ll turn out somewhat like Minecraft. Everyone remembers that game, and what happened to it? It still updates. It still has the diversity it used to. What happened? A new, better game came out, drawing out most gamers from it into another. After about another four to six years, I believe Fortnite will lose 30% of its players that play currently, but will add another 10% of new gamers. I do think that Fortnite will last, but for how long? With all of the pros and cons of the game, it’s hard to say, but let’s just wait and see how it unfolds.