Instant Family Deserves High Marks

Instant Family Deserves High Marks


          Instant Family is a movie based on a true story. It came out in theaters on November 16th, 2018, featuring a couple named Pete and Ellie. They have no children, but see foster children on a website and decide to foster some of their own. They have to adapt to unexpected struggles that come, while keeping up with their house flipping business. This movie, overall, is one of the greatest movies I have ever seen.

         Among all of the things that I love about this movie, one thing stands out: The heartwarming ability of creating a true family, even when there are complications. Pete and Ellie were still able to push through all of the spite, worry, and apprehensiveness of the children, and gave people a real look into what it means to be a family.

         While Instant Family did exceed my expectations, I did have some things that made me feel a bit of discomfort while watching it. That did not discourage me from watching the movie, as those still had a purpose in being shown. One of those things is the chaos that there is early when the children are being fostered, in which all of them can get along and agree on the things that are most important. In the end, they were able to be a real family, and be able to relate to one another, be supportive, and truly care. Simply said, they were able to love which is what a family is all about.

        To most people, fostering children is terrifying to think about, and they have a good reason to think so. What they don’t see, however, is the effects that it can have on their lives, and how it can show them that they are still loved, no matter what. Instant Family brings out the true colors of foster care, and what it can do for both the children and the foster parents. All things considered, I would rate this movie a 9.5/10. This is definitely one of the greatest movies to see in theaters.

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