Coping Methods Needed to Manage Stress

Coping Methods Needed to Manage Stress


An epidemic has been evolving around the world for decades. Student stress has been causing many them to suffer from academic disengagements, mental illness, and has even been linked to involvement in risky behaviors.

There is no doubt that students undergo immense stress as they try to balance their grades, extracurricular activities, as well as work. Research reveals that young adults today are experiencing more anxiety than ever before and it all relates back to stress. In one study over half of the college students that were surveyed admitted to feeling an overwhelming amount of anxiety within the past 12 months. A smaller portion of 13% had been diagnosed with a mental illness, such as anxiety or depression.

An appropriate level of stress, called eustress, is beneficial and is known to help motivate people to grow and achieve more. Unfortunately, many students don’t address stress in a healthy manner. Instead they try to avoid it which often causes them to withdraw themselves from activities they once enjoyed and even lash out at others.

In order to help manage stress, students can try to use one or more of various coping methods. Some of these are simple things, such as; getting enough sleep, thinking more positively, finding an outlet for stress, participating in different relaxation techniques, or talking to people. It may be difficult to take the first step, but it is often worth it. Many people find exercise and meditation beneficial  as it has immediate results that can last for several hours, even if it was only a brisk walk or a few minutes spent meditating.