No Love For Muskrats

No Love For Muskrats


The Muskrat, the only species in genus Ondatra and tribe Ondatrini, is a medium-sized semiaquatic rodent native to North America and is an introduced species in parts of  Europe, Asia, and South America. The muskrat is found in wetlands over a wide range of climates and habitats

The muskrat is a large rodent that is is about a foot to two feet long. It has a stocky body, a rounded head and a long, scaly black tail that is seven to 12 inches long. Its tail is laterally flattened, that means it is flattened vertically! Its tail works like a rudder and helps the muskrat maneuver in the water!

In my opinion a muskrat would be cute if it wasn’t for the tail. They are vicious and mean. I don’t like them because I don’t want them to hurt my animals because they will attack anything. We should trap them and move them to a different location.

On Tuesday, March 11, I walked outside to find that there was a muskrat right by the garage I went to see if he was injured and walked closer to him when I got too close for his liking, he tried to attack me. That is why I don’t like them.