Learning About the Holocaust in a New Way


Staff and Staff

Field trips are a great way to get out of the classroom environment and learn about certain topics without reading it from a textbook. On November 20, social studies teacher Julie Keck traveled with her senior government classes to Farmington Hills to the Holocaust Memorial Center.

“I wanted to take the classes to the memorial to act as a springboard into next semester when we start talking about international government,” Keck said.

Many of the students were very interested in going on the trip because hardly any of them had been to a Holocaust museum before.

“I’m very excited to go because I’ve never been to anything like it before and it will be cool to see it all firsthand,” senior Luke Hurst said before the trip.

At the museum, the students had guided tours through most of the exhibits. To finish off the tour, they listened to a guest speaker and learned about his experiences in Germany during World War II as a Jew. Most of the students thought that this was the highlight of the trip.

“The speaker was the best part because he actually lived through it all and his story was very powerful,” senior Lily Frink said.

When the tour was over, most of the students enjoyed it and were glad they had the opportunity to go.

“I liked the field trip,” Hurst said. “Some of it was stuff I already knew, but I did learn some new things and it was more detailed than what we learn in school.”

After stopping at Twelve Oaks Mall in Novi for lunch, the students headed home with a new understanding of the Holocaust.