OE Varsity Netters beat Lakeville 4-0



The OE Girls Varsity soccer team beat Lakeville 4-0 April 11ths. Goals were made by Kylee Sevenski assisted by Josie Nash, Josie Nash assisted by kalista bancroft, Kylee Sevenski unassisted, and Josie Nash assisted by Kylee Sevenski. Head coach Craig Thelen says, “ I could not have been more happy with how we moved as a team tonight. I was also pleasantly surprised with how we were able to connect on our passes. Our midfield, led by Kylee Sevenski and Kaylee Sutliff did a wonderful job tonight of controlling play. We had some great give and go’s tonight. However, we made the Lakeville goalie look like a star tonight, we need to do a much better job in the final third. We controlled the game, but are still lacking that instinct you need to finish teams off.” Alexis Kusnier had one save on one shot, Lakeville had 18 saves on 22 shots.

Was this a home game.