MAGIC Club Brings Update

MAGIC Club Brings Update


We are back in Ravnica! This is one of the more famous planes of existence in the MTG lore and where we have been for the last two sets to see what has been going on within Ravnica. This war is pitting the members of the Gatewatch against the army of the Elder dragon Nicol Bolas.

The Gatewatch is a group of planeswalkers that are teamed up to remove evil from the multiverse. The members of the Gatewatch currently are Gideon Jura, Liliana Vess, Nissa Revane, Jace Beleren, Ajani Goldmane, and Chandra Nalaar. Each has their own color that they use in the color wheel of magic with only one being shared.

Our main antagonist, Bolas, has been planning for this war for a while, having made a zombie army over the past hundred years on a different plane of existence. He has also gained the power of other planeswalkers via different means, and has some brainwashed, while others are just fully devoted to him so they don’t get hurt by Bolas.

Bolas has also been gaining control over the different artifacts that could help him win the war and take over Ravnica. One of these artifacts is known as the planar bridge and this artifact, held by the planeswalker Tezzeret, will be able to have Bolas transport his zombie army to the plane of Ravnica. Another item, which is being held by Tezzeret as well, is called the Immortal Sun, and makes it so that planeswalkers cannot planeswalk away from whatever plane they are on. These items used together allowed Bolas to choose where he fought this war and that he would not have any opposition when he could get away.

Now, since the set has not come out yet, we can’t determine the whole story for this set. We also did have most of the cards that will be in the story due to the fact that Wizards of the Coast is having almost the entire set spoiled for the set. We know that Bolas will be harvesting the sparks of a lot of planeswalkers to use for the Elder spell that he found on Dominaria to become the most powerful. One of the cards that has been spoiled is the card “Elder Spell,” which means that Bolas will succeed in casting this spell, but what will happen to him afterwards? Only time will tell what will happen to our Elder Dragon friend here.

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