Frosh Volleyball Suffers Loss



OE Freshmen Volleyball Marauders lost to the Bulldogs in both of their sets together. In the first set they just barely lost with the scores of 25-21, but they gave up in the second set of 25-10. 

The games took place on Saturday, Sept. 21, at the Perry High School. The players all complained that  even with fans going, the gym was unbearably hot and nothing worked to cool them off. 

Kylee Milledge, a middle-hitter for the Marauders, said, “We were not covering the court good enough and our coach was getting in our heads. When we try to be pumped up she yells at us to calm down and when we calm down, she tells us to put a smile on our faces.”  

“How could we have changed what we did to get a better score? Well, I always think, ‘Play smarter, not harder.’ I think it’s the best advice I could give any athlete.” Ashland Particka, Ovid-Elsie’s middle-back said.