OE Choir Survey Finds Creativity, Diverse Music Taste

OE Choir Survey Finds Creativity, Diverse Music Taste


OE High School choir members and Mandy Bashore, the choir teacher, were recently surveyed to see if there were any constant patterns in the people who join the choir. The traits that were looked at the most were on the creative side. They were asked 15 questions, but there were five that were the most important.

One of the questions they were asked was the type of music they like the most and they were given a list of options. Out of the 28 that took the survey, 29% said that they liked country music the best. 3% said rock, 25% wrote pop, 3% put electronica, and 17% said alternative rock and indie music. Another  3% wrote instrumental, 17% said rap, and 28% said they would choose a different type. A lot of the students who circled other wrote all, and a couple of individuals put KPOP, and another put Celtic Folk.

They were also asked what their favorite season was. Surprisingly, 54% said they liked Autumn, 21% said Summer, 17% said Spring and 7% said Winter. 

The next question they were asked was what type of book they like to read. Strangely enough, only 36% said fiction, and only 14% said fantasy. Surprisingly 0% said science fiction, and 3% said informational Another 21% put horror, 14% put mystery, and 21% wrote in another genre.

They were also asked a simple yes or no question:Are you or have you been enrolled in an art class? Surprisingly, 68% said yes, and 32% said no.

Their last question was about what kind of things they like. For this question, they were able to put everything that applied to them. About 57% put reading, 46% said reading, 61% drawing/painting, 50% said photography. Surprisingly, 67% of them said singing.,39% of them said they can play a musical instrument, 3% saidbuilding, 14% said gardening, 7% said ceramics, and 21% wrote in a different choice.

This survey found that most of the kids in choir are creative, and they have creative hobbies and interests. They have diverse musical taste, and most of them like to read. More than half have already taken an art class.