Fall Senior Night Recognizes Service



The final home football game for senior band, cheer and football players is what senior night is about. Everyone was introduced before the last football game of the season Oct. 25 at 6:40 pm.

Ashley Antes, Dawson Coldiron, Brook Del Bosque, Brin Evans, Drew Ingraham, Lauren Harper, Jocelynn Holton-Pugh, Megan Ladiski, Daniella Lee, Noah Payne, Eric Perry, Ella Sheedlo, Danielle Strickler, and Ezra Valentine are the seniors this year for the O-E Band.

They wait until the last game so that the students can have an extra special event for their final performance/game. There are fourteen seniors in band and all of them have been in band since 6th grade and stuck with it. 

Shayne Loynes, Aaron Hurst, Justin Moore, Cooper Beard, Zach Miller, Colton Sutliff, Cayden Flynn, Luis Johnson, Jacob Hunt, Joe Fabus, Kyren Henning, and J.R. Ackles are this year’s seniors on the football teams.

Lauren Davis, Lauren Harper, Mikaela Porubsky, Maddie Leland, Cheyenne Wickey, Jenny Wiltsee, Daniella Lee, Kaylah Root, Adrianna Medina, and Chloe Taylor are this year’s cheerleaders for the cheer team.