Romantic Drama Draws in Viewer

Romantic Drama Draws in Viewer


The movie After, is a romantic drama about a good-girl named Tessa Young, starting her first semester of college and a bad-boy who believes love doesn’t exist named Hardin Scott. Tessa   goes to college and moves into her dorm with the assistance of her mother and her high school boyfriend, Noah. Her mother is very displeased with her roommate Steph but Tessa assures her she will be safe and not easily influenced or distracted. After a long first day of college Tessa embarrassingly encounters a stranger (Hardin) in her dorm after she gets out of the shower. Soon finding out Hardin is Steph’s friend, Steph convincly takes Tessa to a party with her friends,. where she finds herself playing a game of truth or dare. Tessa was revealed to be a virgin and dared to make out with Hardin, Tessa declines, wanders off and calls her boyfriend Noah. Noah judges Tessa for being at a party and drinking. FrustratedTessa roams the frat house and goes into Hardin’s bedroom. Where she bumps into Hardin after finding her favorite WutheringHeights book. They almost kiss when Hardin tells Tessa that she still owes him a dare but Tessa says she can’t and decidedly walks away. 

The next day Hardin sees Tessa and tells her he wants to start over, so he invites her to a lake where the two kiss. Hardin tells Tessa that they cannot just be friends. After they head to dinner Molly and Zed, Hardin’s friends bump into them and Hardin tellsTessa to go wait by the bar for him. When Hardin says goodbye Tssa says she will tell Noah about him but Hardin tells her not to as he does not date. Tessa is disappointed and heartbroken. The next day Noah surprises Tessa at her dorm and she takes him to a bonfire party.  At the bonfire Tessa and her friends participate in a game of kiss and blow when Tessa’s friend drops the card on purpose to kiss Tessa. She says no but he will not take no for an answer so Hardin jumps in and punches him. That night Landon (Hardin’s brother) calls Tessa and tells her to come talk to Hardin because he destroyed the house while he was drunk and mad at his father for getting married. Tessa stays the night to comfort Hardin and when she goes back to Noah the next morning he finds out about Hardin and leaves. Tessa and Noah are over. 

The next day Tessa’s mother shows up and sees that Tessa and Hardin are now in a relationship and she threatens to cut Tessa off financially. SinceTessa now has no money because her mother cut her off, Hardin finds them and apartment and they move into together. Then they attend Hardin’s fathers wedding reception. The next morning while Hardin and Tessa are in the bathtub together he writes i love you on her back in bubbles. LaterTessa sees a message on his phone from his friend Molly. She tries to say something to him but he just leaves. After waiting for him to get back she gets tired and leaves she finds Molly who then tells her the truth about what happened at the party when they played truth or dare and Tessa refused to kiss Hardin. Molly shows Tessa the video of Hardin’s and he said he began seeing Tessa as a challenge to make her fall in love with him and break up with her. Tessa was shocked and heartbroken she runs away from Hardin. 

The next few weeks Tessa cuts ties with everyone except her mom and Noah, she switches dorms, and focuses on her studies.  One day after literature class the teacher gives Tessa an envelope that Hardin turned in for an assignment and he had written it for her. She read it at the lake where she and Hardin first kissed  and as she reads it he sits next to her and says “You once asked me who I loved most in the world it’s you.”. 

Anna Tod is the writer she wrote this based on two students from a band that went to college together. The books got tons of attention and became New York’s best sellers. In May 2019 it was announced a sequel was being planned. Personally, I really enjoyed this movie and the book is one of my favorites and I’ll continue to keep watching it!  Personally I’d give this movie a 9.5. Some of the cast are Josephine Langford as Tessa, Hero Fiennes Tiffin as Hardin, Selma Blair and Dylan Arnold as, Tessa’s mother, and Noah, Samuel Larson as Zed, executive producer Swen Temmel as Jace, and Shane Paul McGhie and Khadijha Red Thunder as Landon Gibson and Steph Jones. The director of the movie is Jenny Gage. The movie was released April 12 2019 the book was released Oct. 21st 2014. Though critics say, “I really liked this movie! It is sweet, pulls you into the emotion the characters have, and captures really well a true young relationship and the ups and downs that accompany it.”