Kissing Booth Worth Watching

Kissing Booth Worth Watching


As summer was coming to an end for them and school was starting up, they had to come up with an idea for their club to do at the fair that the other clubs were participating in. They thought about it for a couple days and then realized that they should do a kissing booth and their reasoning was because a lot of teenagers like to kiss and some would even pay for it, especially if it was their crush standing up there. As they prepared for it, Elle needed to find people to participate in it and had already told people that Noah would be a participant in the kissing booth and as she was telling people, he had told her no but she didn’t want to take no for an answer since she already told people. 

As time went on and they started to get older, Elle started to realize her crush on Noah more but put it aside because of the rule she and Lee had. She went to meet a guy that asked her out on a date and the guy stood her up because Noah had told him that it wouldn’t be a good idea for him to go out with her. He couldn’t figure out why because Noah didn’t say, but he decided not to go anyways and then later that night told her why he did what he did. He also told her that Noah was telling other guys not to ask her out and that is why she hadn’t gone out on an actual date before.  After she went home, she called Noah and he said that she would thank him for it later because those guys were players and he didn’t think that it would be good for her to go out with them when he secretly had a crush on her but never said anything. 

Once the night came for the fair and the kissing booth was open for business, people started buying their tickets and lining up to kiss the person blind folded on stage. Once it became Noah’s turn, she put up a sign that said “Flynn” on it since it was supposed to be him on stage but instead it ended up being his younger brother Lee and girls started to rip up their tickets and walk away. There was one girl in the crowd that didn’t leave or rip up her ticket, she walked up on stage and kissed him. After that, they went off and played carnival games run by other clubs and left Elle to run it for a little while. The girl that was supposed to be on stage backed out and left it to Elle to be the one blind folded on stage. As she was standing there waiting for the mystery guy to come on stage and kiss her, it ended up being Noah Flynn and they shared a magical kiss. 

Later that night, Elle decided that she was going to run home because Lee took that other girl home that he met. As she was running home, Noah stopped beside her and offered her a ride home because it was starting to rain. As it started to rain harder, Noah pulled over and they went into a little gazebo in what looks like a park because the roads were too dangerous for them to ride in on his motorcycle. As they hid from the rain, Elle walked up to Noah and wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down for a kiss. After a second she pulled away because she knew it was wrong and she had the rule with Lee about dating each other’s relatives and Noah was known as “dating” a bunch of other girls and knew he had that reputation. 

After that happened with Noah, there was a bunch of people from school that went and hung out at the beach and drank and hung out and played games and they continued to watch each other as the other one did something else.Warren tries to get her to go swimming and she didn’t want to and tried to pull her arm out of his grip and then Noah shows up and yells at him. Elle calms Noah down and Warren makes a rude comment towards Noah so he tackles him and Elle takes off running toward the parking lot. Once she got in the car, he drove her to the Hollywood sign to his “secret spot.” They ended up spending the night together by the sign and the next few weeks, they snuck around all the time to hang out and started being secretive but Lee didn’t really notice because he was busy with his girlfriend. 

Lee came home when Elle was hanging out with Noah and she tried telling him that there was nothing going on between her and Noah. Lee didn’t think that she was lying to him but then he walked in on them kissing. He ran out of the house teary eyed because he realized that they had been lying to him about it for weeks and Elle chased after him crying because she was about to lose her best friend. Lee punched Noah in the face and Noah held him down to make him calm down. Once Lee calmed down he got up and ran away from the both of them to his car and drove off. Over the next few days, Noah had disappeared and Lee wouldn’t talk to Elle at all. Once Elle let him be for a while, her and Lee talked and it went back to normal except for Noah still being gone.

Prom night was there and Elle had plans to go with Lee and his girlfriend and she did, they were having fun together. Around the corner, she could hear everybody clapping and cheering so they went to see what was happening and the yearbook people had put their kissing booth up as the most liked booth. Then Noah came out from behind the curtain and said that he loved Elle and wanted to be with her no matter what people thought. Elle looked at Lee and then at Noah and told him she couldn’t because she can’t keep hurting everyone she loves just for him. Then she ran out of the building crying and she wouldn’t talk to anyone.

The next night, Lee and Elle celebrated their birthday together like they normally did and while they were all dancing, she started to cry and ran inside the house and Lee went after her. That was when she told him that she loved Noah and wanted to be with him and if Lee couldn’t accept that then he couldn’t be in her life because he doesn’t have the right to tell her who she can and can’t love.

They got in the car and headed to the airport to find Noah and as she was talking to Lee about Noah, he took off his mask and it was actually Noah that she had been talking to. They pulled over and she told him that she loved him and wanted to see how it worked out with them. 

Over the next few weeks, they spent as much time together as possible before he had to leave for college. Once it came time for him to leave for Boston, she took him to the airport and said their goodbyes there and it ended with her leaving the airport on his motorcycle. 

I would rate this a 10/10 and I definitely would recommend this movie to anybody who likes romance type movies. The director is Vince Marcello and the main actors are Jacob Elordi as Noah Flynn and Joel Courtney and the actress is Joey King.