Thanksgiving, Not Popular Holiday



A Thanksgiving survey that was recently handed out to students at Ovid-Elsie High School found that not many families have fun traditions that they do together. 

The survey was handed out to Karl Dahlke’s fifth hour, and some students in Michael Puffpaff’s fifth hour, for a total of 30 surveys conducted in all. The students answered a total of seven questions, the majority of the students had similar answers to most of the questions, but some did vary. The seventh question the students were asked was, “Do you have any fun traditions? If so what?” Out of 30 students, 22 said that they do not have any traditions that they do with the people they spend Thanksgiving with, and only eight students said that they do have some fun family traditions. 

Another question that was asked was, “Who do you spend Thanksgiving with?” Out of 30 students, 27 said that they usually spend Thanksgiving with most of their family, and others said that they spend Thanksgiving with just their immediate, or close family. Three students said that they do not spend Thanksgiving with their family. They said that they are either by themselves, or with friends. 

Finally, one of the questions asked was, “Do you like Thanksgiving?”  A total of 18 students out of 30 said they like Thanksgiving, and 12 students said that they do not like Thanksgiving. Overall, Thanksgiving is not a favorite holiday.