Netflix Original Alexa and Katie Runs Third Season



Alexa and Katie is a Netflix original series that premiered in March of 2018. The show is rated TV G and is a good show for all ages. The third season of this show will be out on Dec. 30 of this year.

The show starts off with two friends who are just embarking on their high school journey. High school is hard for anyone just starting, but how about for a post cancer patient who doesn’t want everyone to know what happened to her over the summer? This show is a story about friendship, and it is a great show to watch with the family.

The role of Alexa is played by Paris Berelc, and Katie is played by Isabel May. Lori is played by Tiffani Thiessan, Jennifer is played by Jolie Jenkins, Dave is played by Eddie Shin. Finn Carr plays Jack, Jack Griffo plays Dylan, Merit Leighton plays Hannah, Iman Benson plays Reagan, Emery Kelly plays Lucas, and Nathaniel J. Potvin plays Ryan.

Heather Wordman is the creator of the show, and Matthew Carlson serves as the showrunner. The new season will be produced differently than they have done in the past, this season will be split into two parts, each having eight episodes, which is different than the traditional 13 episode season. The average rating for the show is a 7/10. That is mostly because some parents don’t like that the parents in the show occasionally drink wine, and the girls used a ouija board one time. I for one am not bothered by that, so I would give the show a 10/10 for the inspiring story, and funny characters.

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