Marriage Story An Emotional Journey

Marriage Story An Emotional Journey


Marriage Story is a new Netflix original that was released in August starring Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver. The movie takes us through the end of a marriage, the end of a love story. 

Marriage Story takes us on an emotional journey through the divorce of Charlie and Nicole, who seemed to be the perfect couple. Charlie was a stage director and Nicole was an actress who settled down with Charlie in New York and had a son. When Charlie has an affair with a member of his stage hand, it’s the last straw for Nicole. She accepts a role in Los Angeles, where she always thought was home, and takes their son with him. When Charlie meets them in LA, she tells him they’re getting a divorce.

Both Driver and Johansson’s roles were that of emotional depth and strength. Their acting is phenomenal, and these roles magnified their talents. 

The script for Marriage Story is truly amazing. There are long scenes of dialogue with no cuts, filled with strong emotion. One scene depicts Nicole telling her lawyer about Charlie and their marriage, and why it ended. There are no cuts, but almost three minutes of full, realistic, heart-felt words from Nicole. In another scene, Charlie and Nicole are fighting. Going back and forth, throwing sadness and anger from each other; tears are shed, voices crack. During the most heated moment of the argument, Charlie tells Nicole something horrible, which he instantly regrets. Charlie had only shed a few tears through the whole movie, trying to appear put-together, but when he says this, he dropped to his knees and begins to cry violently. Nicole simply stops and walks over to him, where she rests her hand against his head- silently telling him she loves him. 

The realistic and emotional story of Marriage Story is a great one. Paired with the amazing Driver and Johansson, as well as the script, I would rate this movie 5 out of 5 stars.