You’ll Be Glad You Stopped at Golden Harvest

Youll Be Glad You Stopped at Golden Harvest


Golden Harvest is located in Lansing, Michigan at 1625 Turner Rd. It is very artistically expressed throughout the whole restaurant. I say this because I mean that it is very heavily decorated. The walls are covered from floor to ceiling with different stickers and paintings. Personally I have visited this restaurant twice and both times I had little to no wait at all when waiting to be seated. I really enjoy eating at Golden Harvest a lot! The waiters and cooks are so polite and funny, and the food overall is delicious. Definitely one of the best breakfasts Ii’ve had in awhile. When you google Golden Harvest Lansing the reviews pop up and the rating that people give the establishment on Facebook is a 8.5/10. I’m really glad that my friend showed me this great restaurant. I’m most definitely going to tell people about this place! I’m especially going to tell them to order their waffle stack because that’s what I ordered along with a side of hash browns and potatoes. I paid $6.99 for my meal because it was on their menu for their Saturday Special. My friend ate their “Bubba Sandwich” which is two pieces of french toast stuffed with bacon, sausage, and cheese. He said, “The Bubba Sandwich was pretty good, but it could’ve been cooked longer, the toast was a little soggy.” His sandwich was priced at $5.99. The only downfall I’d say about eating at Golden Harvest is that it takes about twenty minutes to get your food but it is definitely worth the wait.