OE Equestrian Team Heads To States

Samantha Snider and Samantha Snider

The weekend of Oct. 3-4 the OE High School Equestrian team had a great win at Regionals. This amazing team had a total of four participants and yet they were still in the B division (you have to have at least five participants to be in the B division). 

The Equestrian team has four talented riders who are juniors Clarisse Fitzpatrick and Kendahl Smeltzer. The two freshmen are Samantha Snider and Adele Jones. 

At Regionals, Oct. 3-4 the girls had to compete against eight other teams. From the first meet that they had they got second to a school called Notre Dame Prep. But this time around Ovid-Elsie beat them to second by 33points. The team that got first place was Lakeland winning by 8 points. So the Ovid-Elsie Equestrian team came home with a Reserved Champion trophy.

The Regionals Equestrian meet took place at Wayne county fairground in St. Clare, the city of Belleville. 

This event was on a very cold weekend, in the low fifties and on Sunday it rained. The only way for teams to make it to Regionals is to either get a Reserved Champion or the Grand Champion title.  

In order to make it to Regionals the OE Equestrian team had to make it through District first. The Equestrian team has two coaches, Barbra Schultz and Erika Webster.