Keith Kingsbury Breaks the Mould


Audrey Johns and Audrey Johns

Mr. Keith Kingsbury, is a teacher at Ovid Elsie Middle 

He teaches all of the technology classes at the middle school for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. 

Some things students are doing in his classes are that 6th graders are “learning the joys of typing” as he puts it, trying to get their skills up so they can use their Chromebooks more efficiently in their classes and for their future. His 8th graders are working on their Decades project, where student’s are learning about a decade of their choice. They are putting together a presentation to teach everybody about that 10 years of history.

Mr.Kingsbury says he has always taught, depending on what he was doing. He says that when he was younger he got certified to teach CPR and first aid. When he went into other lines of business, he always got the training degree to be the teacher. When he decided to make a career change he chose teaching.

His favorite thing about teaching is working with kids and teaching them new stuff. He says, he loves working at OE, because everybody is really nice. And you can knock on anybody’s door and everybody is friendly, you can always get help.

The colleges he went to are Michigan State University, Spring Arbor University, University of Pueblo Colorado online, Jackson Community college, Lansing Community College. He has a bachelor’s degrees in social studies, sociology, psychology, a minor in computer sciences, and enough masters credits to have a masters but he didn’t pick something specific. 

Mr. Kingsbury would describe his teaching style as very straight forward, “There’s nothing fancy about it. Nothing hidden about it.” Here’s what we are going to do and do it.”

He motivated his student’s to do better by being nice to everybody, and everybody wants to do what he asks them to do. He tries to pick fun and interactive things, and give students choices to encourage them to be successful and motivate themselves. He doesn’t punish students for failure, instead he helps the student learn and grow from their mistakes.

He likes to have fun in his classes like every Monday he likes to play Monday, Monday by the Mamas and the Papas, his Friday song is Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond. He likes to do fun things every now and then like his theory on time travel. One time his class was being great and working hard so he rewarded them by throwing suckers “not at students but to students.”

 He says he likes to be unpredictable when teaching.