Home Alone a Holiday Classic


Samantha Snider and Samantha Snider

The movie Home Alone is a Christmas classic. This is also a very popular movie to watch on or before Christmas. Home Alone is a comedy movie featuring Macaulay Culkin as Kevin McCallister. 

In this movie Kevin’s family, Kate McCallister/Mother, Peter McCallister/Father, Buzz McCallister/Brother, Megan McCallister/Sister, Linnie McCallister/Sister, and Jeff McCallister/Brother (Cathrine O’Hara,  John Heard, Devin Ratray, Hillary Wolf, Angela Goethals, and Michal Maronna)goes on a holiday trip to Paris but as soon as the plane is about to take off Kevin’s mom realizes that they left Kevin at home alone. As the family tries to make it back home to Kevin, Kevin is trying to defend his home from two local robbers. He sets up traps with toys, christmas ornaments, paint buckets, and many more clever things.

The director of this movie is Chris Columbus. According to the movie review website Rotten Tomatoes on the tomatometer 65% of people thought that the movie Home Alone was fresh or a good movie. My personal opinion on this movie out of five stars as five being the best and one being the worst I would rate it at four.

The movie Home Alone came to theaters on Nov. 16th, 1990. This movie is thought to be a classic movie because for one it has been around for 30 years, is entertaining, and is a movie that you watch with your family.