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The American Dream


By Abigail Butcher

After surveying approximately 20 people, I came to the conclusion that the average definition of the people was this: “The American Dream is a national ethos of the United States, a set of ideals in which freedom includes the opportunity for prosperity and success, and an upward social mobility achieved through hard work.” Cindy Trumble is a mother of an only child and agreed to talk with us to tell us about her life. She just turned 40 this May and is still going strong, with her job, living a single life as an only mom.

Abby: What did you want your job to be when you grow up?

Cindy: I really wanted to be a veterinarian. It has been my passion since I was a little girl, growing up I was around animals because my mom was a dog and cat groomer, and it seems like I have a connection with them. People told me that I should be one because they act differently around me.

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Abby: Did you want to get married?

Cindy: Ha yes. It’s basically every girls dream to get married. I planned that when I’m 25 I would consider thinking about marrying because I didn’t want any man to ruin my future with my schooling. I wanted to be an independent woman not someone who depends on someone.

Abby: What was your idea of a perfect husband?

Cindy: Well I definitely wanted him to be a country boy, and not a fake one! I wanted him to love me for my brains, not my looks. Plus I wanted him to listen to me, and my problems, and accept me for me and not change me. I knew I had issues I didn’t need him reminding me every time we have an argument.

Abby: Did you want children?

Cindy: Well…. Eventually I did but not for a really long time. I wanted to be married a decent amount of time so I knew it was serious. The last thing I wanted is to be pregnant with a sleaze bag that wouldn’t do anything for his family.

Abby: How many?

Cindy: Well maybe 2-3. I don’t want 1 because I know how it is to be an only child and it wasn’t fun. I didn’t really have anyone close to tell things to, so I told my dogs everything since lets face it, they listen and don’t talk back!

Abby: Did you have names picked out?

Cindy: Actually I did haha since I was a little kid. For girls I figured Kiara Lynn, Hope Renée, or Remington Shae. For the boys I only had one and it was Braden Michael.

Abby: Did you have any expectations for them?

Cindy: Well I wanted to get the girls involved in activities that they wanted to do. I didn’t want to force them to do anything. And for the boy all I asked is that he played football, after that he could do anything he wanted too.

Abby: What did you want your income to be?

Cindy: I didn’t want to struggle day to day, I wanted something more. I wanted a little over a fair income, so you could say I hoped to aim for a high income.

Abby: Did you want to go to college?

Cindy: Oh yes! Now a day you need an education to do anything. I wanted to be a doctor in veterinary medicine. I actually couldn’t wait till college, I counted down the days haha. I wanted to own my own apartment and spend my nights studying with my then dog Bella.

Abby: What colleges were you thinking of going too?

Cindy: Well the only school I wanted or would have gone to was Michigan State University! My whole family works there plus I knew a handful of the professors.

Abby: What did you want to do after college?

Cindy: I wanted to start my practice and start building my facility and get that up and running. Then I wanted to actually buy a house and to start my farm and riding stables like I wanted to when I was 10.

Abby: What did you want to achieve in your future?

Cindy: I wanted to be the best vet I could be; I wanted to be liked not disliked. I also wanted to write a book and get it published, I thought that would have been cool.

Abby: Did you have any goals?

Cindy: Yes I did, I wanted to open a horse ranch where autistic kids could ride without feeling that they were different then everybody else.

Abby: Did you want to have a hobby or activity you wanted to do?

Cindy: I wanted to knit slippers, scarfs, and mittens

Abby: Where did you want to live?

Cindy: I didn’t want to live in the city by all means! I needed to be out in the country with all my machinery and plans I had going. I belonged out there after all, the cities too crowded. I wanna be able to sit on my porch swing and see all the billions of stars out in the night sky.

Abby: What type of house did you want?

Cindy: I wanted a huge log cabin house, but the inside painted! I didn’t want to see wood all the time that would have got annoying.

Abby: Did you want to be involved in community service or give to charity?

Cindy: I did want to be involved in community service especially in the Christmas time. It broke my heart to think that there was people out there hungry and that had no shelter. And for the charity of course I wanted to! Every extra penny I made gave to charity.

Abby: Did you want pets, if so how many and what breed?

Cindy: I wanted a Great Dane named Scooby, a Saint Bernard named Moo, a Husky named Adrenaline, and a Golden Retriever named Tractor.

Abby: Are there certain possessions you wanted to own?

Cindy: I really wanted a lifted truck, a pink jeep, and a baby blue mustang when I was about 16-17.

Abby: Did you want to travel, and if so where and why?

Cindy: I wanted to travel everywhere I possibly could go! Ireland to Paris to Australia. It would be a great experience.

Many people know what they’re going to do with their life, it’s like they have it all planed. It’s their dream, their American dream. I definitely know what I’m going to do with my life after high school, and personally can’t wait for my journey to begin. So here’s my question to you…. What’s your American dream?


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