Braven Action Movie Features Jason Mamoa

Hannah Pappila

Braven is an action-thriller movie released in 2018. It is about an hour and a half long and is mainly for older teenagers and adults as it has some graphic content. You can watch the film on Netflix. Braven is starred by Jason Mamoa, who plays the main character Joe Braven, a logger and a father of one, who decides to go to his remote cabin with his father for a weekend. To their surprise, the cabin has been broken into and a large amount of drugs are hidden in the cabin with drug traffickers trying to get the drugs with any means necessary. The movie also stars Stephen Lang and Jill Wagner and it is directed by Lin Oedin. The movie has a very cliche plot line with the father being the hero of the family and saving everyone and the plot line isn’t surprising by any means. Other than that, the movie is well-executed and I found it quite entertaining. Jason Mamoa executed his role very well. The movie’s ratings vary a lot on different websites, but the average rating is about 6 out of 10 and I would agree.