Ryan’s Roadhouse Good All Around Eatery

Ryans Roadhouse Good All Around Eatery

Jonas Numeier

Ryan’s Roadhouse is located at 902 E State St, in St. Johns. The menu ranges from salads to sandwiches, burgers, pizza, steaks, Seafood and Mexican food. The prices are just right for what you get, not too expensive and not too cheap. Sandwich prices are around $10 to $12 burgers at around $13 and pizzas starting at around $14. I’ve been there twice in the past weeks and tried the Chicken Quesadilla and the Guacamole Chicken Club Sandwich both for $11.95. They came after about 10-15 minutes and were still hot. Both of them were really well seasoned, had good sides like chips and dips, and were really flavorful.The rustic log cabin makes a nice atmosphere that really makes you feel comfortable while you’re enjoying your food. Apart from the food, the service at Ryan’s Roadhouse is really good and fast. The restrooms as well as the whole restaurant are very clean. Besides that the staff was always polite and patient.I would highly recommend going there and taking either one of their sandwiches or burgers, which they definitely make best. I would rate it an eight or nine out of 10.