Student Council Plans Homecoming Activities


Karigann Cuthbert

Student Council is busy planning Homecoming activities after fall elections.

Sophomore class president, Jollee Swender, had a lot of positive things to say when interviewed today after the second class rep meeting. We first asked the topics of the two meetings, she said it was very chaotic because we have never done this before due to the cancelation of last year’s dance and activities but so far they are planning the layouts for the class of 2024’s float and hallway. Which led to the next question, where we asked how planning was going. She’s hoping to get all projects done on time and make sure they fit the standards she and the other reps have in mind. We then asked if anything wasn’t going as planned or was giving them trouble, to which she responded that they aren’t too deep into the process so there hasn’t been much time for error yet. She also added that she thinks the reps are working very well together and she is excited to finish the year working with them and they are particularly excited about Homecoming.. “There are a lot of good things about spirit days, the Homecoming game, and lots about homecoming. Also decorating.”